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We are excited to share with the community information and updates regarding the much-needed expansion and renovations now getting underway at Olmsted Falls High School. Anyone with questions about the OFHS construction project is encouraged to contact the district office by phone 44-427-6000 or email info@ofcs.net.




MARCH 28, 2018 - Our construction team has been making significant progress during the spring break.  Preparations for the major renovations to the existing OFHS cafeteria and media center areas are going well.  Photos below provide a sneak peak into this area of the building, which will be completely closed off by the time students return to the building on April 3rd. 








MARCH 24, 2018 - We are excited to report that progress on the expansion and renovation of Olmsted Falls High School continues to gain momentum.  While much of the work began behind the high school and was not visible from the street, passers-by and visitors to the campus in recent weeks have likely noticed evidence of construction preparations on the west end of the building where the music wing expansion is underway as well as the east side of the building where the new business classrooms will be constructed.










Interested students, families and community residents can also view progress on the largest portion of the expansion, occurring behind the south side of the building by accessing the live construction webcam which has been set up to show the site of the brand new wing of classrooms being built in the open courtyard space currently adjacent to the south edge of the cafeteria. This new wing will include nine modern science classrooms as well as four art classrooms.  When completed, this new wing will also eliminate any further need for the external classroom trailers, which will ultimately be removed.

IMG_0720To access the Live OFHS Construction Web Cam and view the south side expansion, please follow the instructions and tips  below:

  • Open your browser and go to our Web Cam’s address. Enter it exactly as shown:
  • Enter Username guest
  • Enter Password Guest1 (Capital G with a number one at the end)

Tips for accessing the live webcam:  Flash needs to be installed to run on Windows devices like Desktop PC’s and laptops.  Flash cannot be installed on Chromebooks, So, the Web Cam will not work on Chromebooks.  For additional information on the live OFHS construction webcam, please click HERE.

HAPPENING NEXT:  In addition to the expansion portion of the project outlined above, there are several significant renovation components taking place within the existing high school building.  One of the most major areas to be renovated is the current kitchen, cafeteria and media center spaces.  In order to ensure that these elements of the project are completed in time for the start of the new school year (in September 2018), work on this portion of the renovations will be getting under way during the spring break.

By the time OFHS students return from spring break on Tuesday, April 3rd, the cafeteria and media center area will no longer be accessible.  These areas will be walled off completely to allow renovation work to begin.  Effective Tuesday, April 3rd, the building’s auxiliary gym will serve as the temporary cafeteria space through the remainder of the current school year.  Food services will continue to serve the existing menu of food and beverage selections from the south side serving line through approximately April 13th, at which time kitchen operations will officially move from the high school to the intermediate school.  At that time, an adjusted menu of available food items will be transported to the high school daily.  OFHS students and families will receive additional information as this transition occurs.

CONTINUED APPRECIATION:  Olmsted Falls City School District continues to be sincerely grateful to our school community for passing the November 2016 bond issue, which made this much-needed expansion and renovation possible with a zero increase in taxes.  We are also incredibly thankful for the continued cooperation of our current OFHS students and staff.  

Anyone with questions about the current expansion and renovation projects underway at Olmsted Falls High School is encouraged to reach out to OFHS Principal Holly Schafer (hschafer@ofcs.net) or OFCS Superintendent Dr. Jim Lloyd (jlloyd@ofcs.net).  We are happy to talk to students, parents and community residents about the project.



December 7, 2017 - A live video feed has just been launched to enable the community to take a peek at the construction now underway on the south side of the building.  The view from the camera shows the site of the brand new wing of classrooms being built in the open courtyard space currently adjacent to the south edge of the cafeteria.  This new wing will include nine modern science classrooms as well as four art classrooms.

To access the OFHS Construction Live Web Cam, please follow the tips and instructions below:


- Flash needs to be installed to run on Windows devices like Desktop PC’s and laptops.

- Flash cannot be installed on Chromebooks, So, the Web Cam will not work on Chromebooks.


Open your browser and go to our Web Cam's address. Enter it exactly as shown:

     Enter Username guest

     Enter Password Guest1 (Capital G with a number one at the end)

 If flash is not on the device, the page will display these comments in BLUE letters.

        “Plug ins are not found. Click me to download.”

If the above message is shown, click on the blue letters to install the IPC Web Components software on the Windows device.  Follow all the defaults and install the software.

Once installed, re-open your browser again.

Go back to

     Username guest

     Password Guest1 (Capital G with a number one at the end)

The camera software provides a view of the HS Web Cam and the construction progress.

Final Notes RE: Live Web Cam

* Once you have logged in and are able to view the live feed, please feel free to bookmark the site and return frequently to follow the construction progress.

** Please note that there may be times when the viewing portal is at capacity - meaning multiple people are already viewing the live web cam.  In that case, visitors will receive a message advising to check back shortly for viewing. 

Thank you to Bailey Communications for donating the camera and the installation! And thank you again to our school community for making this expansion and renovation of OFHS possible!


.October 19, 2017 - Olmsted Falls Board of Education members were joined by members of the OFHS Construction Team to celebrate progress on the much-needed expansion and renovation project currently underway at Olmsted Falls High School.  The group gathered ahead of the regular monthly Board of Education meeting for a ceremonial groundbreaking to mark the approval of the first significant site work package for the project – which includes site work related to building pads, construction roads, and underground utility services (electric, water, sanitary sewer) for the building expansions.  Read more.....



In addition to the collection of architectural rendering available below, we have just added this virtual tour experience presented to us by our architectural design and construction team this week.  The current virtual tour is broken into three separate videos which can be viewed via the YouTube links below. Enjoy!

Part 1: http://bit.ly/OFHSVirtual1

Part 2: http://bit.ly/OFHSVirtualTour2

Part 3: http://bit.ly/OFHSVirtualTour3



Please note that all images featured below (and in the virtual tour clipc available above) are working architectural renderings for concept presentation purposes and are NOT an exact portrayal of the finished product. Finishes, color schemes, furniture, etc. are subject to change. New/updated renderings will be added as they become available.



The largest expansion to the high school facility will be the construction of a brand new wing of classrooms in the open courtyard space currently adjacent to the south edge of the cafeteria.  This new wing will include nine modern science classrooms (see rendering above) as well as four art classrooms (see rendering below).



The expanded music wing (see exterior rendering above) will include enlarged band and choir classrooms (see internal rendering below) to properly accomodate the number of students participating in those programs, as well as scene shop for masquers, green room area and increased storage capacity for music and theater equipment and props.



The new business class wing (see exterior rendering above) will feature four (4) new classrooms with one being a FAB Lab in partnership with Polaris Career Center. The image immediately below are working renderings of what the Fab Lab will look like. 


Fab Lab Entrance


Fab Lab Interior View #1


Fab Lab Interior View #2


Fab Lab Interior View #3


The cafeteria and kitchen areas of the high school will be getting a complete makeover.  This central hub of activity will undergo significant renovations to accomodate today's student enrollment and activities. 



The new cafeteria space will feature a Bulldog cafe - separate from the main kitchen serving area - which will allow for extended hours of operation to provide a place for students and visitors to purchase snacks  and beverages even after the regular school day has ended.


New cafeteria service space (see renderings above and below).



The current library media center space will also undergo a redesign featuring an open space design surrounded by smaller enclosed study / meeting rooms (see rendering above).


While the new wing of science and art classrooms will be built in the existing coutryard space located south of the cafeteria, outdoor space will be maintained to allow for natural light to all new classrooms as well as space for students to enjoy. The new wing of classrooms will consist of two courtyards - one located between the cafeteria space and the new science classrooms, and the other located between the new science classrooms and the new art classrooms.


The high school athletic spaces will also receive a makeover.  New modern bleacher seating was installed in the main high school gym over the summer and is already in use.  Both boys' and girls' locker rooms will be updated and modernized during the course of the renovations (see rendering below).  




An "alternate" project is one that is pending based on funds and resources available.  The possibility of an alternate project becoming a reality is contingent upon the bidding process for all confirmed expansion/renovation items and the reousrces available as the costs for primary expansion and renovation items are confirmed.  If resources are available, the main alternate projects on the pending list is a new expanded vestibule entry at the main building entrance and a covered walkway for students/visitors at the west athletic building entrance.


Expanded Main Entry for OFHS (Currently An Alternate Project)


Interior Views of Expanded Vestibule Main Entry Above and Below

(The existing entry doors of the current building can be seen in these renderings).



Above View of Interior Vestibule is looking out from existing entry doors toward parking area.


Above view is of new OFHS lobby as you would enter from entry vesitbule. .

Full View of Front of New OFHS (with expanded main vestibule entry)


View of Main OFHS Entrance in Evening


Covered walkway for students/visitors at the athletic west entrance to the building (near student parking lot)



The floor plan below summarizes all expansion and renovation projects for the OFHS project - including alternates mentioned above.  Any portion of the map marked with color represents the specific area of the high school involved in the current expansion/renovation project..


Thank you for visting the OFHS Construction Project Page!

Again, anyone with questions about the OFHS construction project is encouraged to contact the district office by phone 44-427-6000 or email info@ofcs.net.

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