OFHS CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Answers to Common Questions

The following OFHS Construction Update message was emailed to all OFCS families by Superintendent Dr. Jim Lloyd and OFHS Principal Dr. Holly Schafer on 8/15/18:


Dear Bulldog Families:

While we recognize those receiving this message may not all attend Olmsted Falls High School, our school community approved the resources to improve our high school facility so we thought it best to provide a comprehensive communication.  A Summer 2018 School Report will be sent to all of the homes in the Olmsted area that will provide a very detailed update on the high school and a number of other things. We have been asked quite a few questions about construction at OFHS. Some information was recently released on the district's blog at https://ofalls.wordpress.com/.  Here are the answers to some common questions we have been fielding: 

Will the building be ready in time? 
Yes. This project is one that will involve two phases that were known in February of 2018. From the front of the building it doesn't look like it will be completed in time, however those sections were not scheduled for completion until October 25th. 

What's in Phase 1 Completion?
Phase 1 completion is on schedule to be completed before the start of the school year. Included in this first phase are all building renovation projects: 

Media Center
Former Science Room Conversions
HVAC improvements in the gymnasium, auditorium and throughout the building
Locker rooms and athletic areas (Note: Team rooms for varsity fall sports may be a week behind schedule.)

What's in Phase 2 Completion?
Phase 2 completion is on schedule and is set to be completed on October 25, 2018 (approximately 33 school days). This phase essentially includes all the new construction and remaining items:

9 science classrooms
3 art rooms and kiln areas
4 business areas including the FAB Lab
Music addition

When will the classroom trailers be gone? 
When the new construction is complete, the trailers will no longer be needed and they will be sold and taken away. In the meantime, we will need the trailers for swing space as the new science, art and business sections get completed. Our staff was very aware that this was the case and everyone has planned their instruction accordingly. Our students and staff have handled this project like champs and we're almost at the end.  

I'm concerned about safety. How will you keep my kids safe as this is completed? 
Keeping students and staff safe and secure is a top priority. We meet weekly as a construction team and work very closely with our fire department and safety forces to ensure a secure building. School will be starting and Turner Construction will be meeting with the contractors to make certain everyone is aware of where they are permitted and not permitted to go. We will have an updated evacuation plan and our staff and students will drill on the plan. We will continue to have a security guard stationed inside the building right by the student lot (west entrance). Construction workers are required to wear ID badges and we will require our building staff across the district to do this as well.  

What about the driveways and parking? 
The parking situation will only continue to improve, and the way that it looks right now will not be what it looks like at the start of the school year. In addition, the parking situation will be better at the start of this school year compared to how it ended. While I can appreciate the concern for student safety and the high school parking lot, you should know that students are prevented from taking their vehicles into a construction zone and there are lines demarcating where people are supposed to go. Once school starts, we will re-institute the safety zone that will keep construction vehicles away from student car and pedestrian traffic. Our administrators are always on parking duty more than normal at the start of the year and we have our security guard that assists as well.  We are taking a closer look at student driving. The biggest safety concern I have, which started well before this project and will continue after, is speeding. The district is investigating the cost and feasibility of speed bumps to prevent speeding.

We are nearly there. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.  Should you have any questions about high school operations, please contact Dr. Schafer at hschafer@ofcs.net.  General construction questions can be directed back to me by email at jlloyd@ofcs.net or by calling 440-427-6000.


Dr. Jim Lloyd, Superintendent 
Dr. Holly Schafer, High School Principal

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