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On August 4th, all families received an email message with instructions for each student in their household.  Below please find a copy of the email.  PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE ENROLLING A BRAND NEW STUDENT IN OLMSTED FALLS SCHOOL, PLEASE CLICK THE 2023-2024 NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION QUICK LINK TO PROCEED.  The information below applies only to returning students and new students that completed initial enrollment prior to July 2022.


8/4/23 Email to OFCS Families:

The 2023-2024 Returning Student Registration portal is now open.  Please review the following carefully before beginning the process.  If you encounter any technical difficulties during this process, please email Tim Wulfhoop at: twulfhoop@ofcs.net for assistance.  

All returning students and any NEW students to the district that completed initial enrollment for this year before JULY will have this entry process completed for them.  This will ensure we have the most updated information on all students.  You will receive a message for each student that needs processed.  Please complete for all students identified in the messages.  

To access the returning student registration portal you will log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal. 

This site is located at: https://ps-of.metasolutions.net/public/home.html


  • Enter your user name and password
  • At the top of the screen you will see the first names of all of your students.

  • Click on the Returning Student Registration Link on the left side of the screen to initiate the process.

  • Because of some recent system changes you could be asked for two different pieces of information when starting this process.

    • You may be asked to validate your student by Birthdate which you enter as:  MM/DD/YYYY (be sure to use this exact format)

    • You may be asked for a SnapCode as well which is a 15 character code included with the messaging for each student.  Copy and paste this code if asked.  (Personal codes for each student were provided with each individual email sent Aug. 4th.)

  • Complete all required fields as indicated for the student.  When all information has all been properly completed you will be able to submit for the student.  

  • If you only have one student you are done, if you have more students, go back to the parent portal, switch to the next student at the top and click on the Returning Student Registration link again.  This will repeat the validation process again for this student which will be a possible combination of birthdate and/or SnapCode for this student.  Note:  common information to each student will be carried over from student to student, minimizing entry requirements.  

  • Repeat these steps for all of your students. 


Our goal is to have this information completed on all students by the first day of school. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important request.


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