Important Updates/Changes from OFCS Food Services for Bulldog Families (10/12/20 5:45 PM)

Hi Bulldog Families,

Please take just a couple of moments to read these important updates below....


Thank you again for your continued support of our curbside service meal program! In anticipation of the change in weather, we will be making a slight change to our curbside service. On days with inclement weather (rain, snow, extreme cold, etc), the food will stay inside of the front vestibule at OFIS and Falls-Lenox. We ask that you pull up to the curb like usual, put your hazard lights on, and then have someone walk up and receive the food from our volunteers. This change will help protect our volunteers from illness and will also keep your meals warm! If there are days that you will not be coming to pick up your meal due to the bad weather, please call our food service department in advance so we can make the adjustment to our daily meal count and prevent food waste. 

Remember that curbside pick-up service is available to ALL OFCS STUDENTS on the days they are not attending school in-person.  If you haven’t given it a try yet, consider signing up for curbside lunch for your student(s) one day this week by accessing the Daily Order Form HERE. To read the recent local news story about our curbside service, please click HERE.

If you have any questions about curbside pick-up, please contact Sam Chin at or (440) 427-6440. 


FREE Meals ALL Year: The USDA has approved that ALL school meals will be provided FREE of charge no matter your economic status through June 30, 2021! This means Olmsted Falls Schools will continue to be able to provide FREE meals for ALL students through the end of our school year on June 8, 2021.  Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this benefit! Whether in-person or through our curbside pick-up service (details above), we are happy to serve your students. Even though the meals are free of charge for students, our district receives government reimbursement from each meal served, which helps fund food service operations. Even with these free meals, we still encourage you to have money on your student’s EZPay account so they will have the ability to purchase an extra treat from our healthy a la carte options. (A la carte options such as chips, ice cream, etc., are not part of the free meal offering, but will still be available for purchase by students on their in-person attendance days.)   


We understand that there are some in our community who are not able to pick up meals for their children due to lack of transportation. With that in mind, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to pick up meals on behalf of these families and deliver to their homes. Thank you to our team of volunteers already helping!  If you are interested in volunteering or are a family who wants to order meals but cannot pick it up themselves, please contact Julie Bartell at or (440) 427-6440, and we can coordinate a volunteer program for meal delivery.

Thank you for your attention to these latest updates from our Food Services Department. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.  We are happy to assist!

Have a good week,


Sam Chin MS, RDN, LD

Food Service Director

Olmsted Falls City Schools


Instagram: ofcsbulldogcafe

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