Office of the Treasurer

Treasurer / CFO Ms. Emily Weisbarth
Emily Weisbarth


Welcome to the Treasurer's Office.

Our mission is to maintain accounting records and provide financial information for users such as the Board of Education, District Administrators, Taxpayers, and Outside Parties that fund our School District. We pay all vendors and all employees.

The business philosophy in the Treasurer’s Office is classic; we view those that use our financial information and District employees as our customers. We will always strive to serve our customers in ways that cause them to be happy with our services.

Holly McFadden is the Interim Assistant Treasurer. She oversees all facets of the Treasurer’s Office. Holly has worked in Olmsted Falls many years. She has gained experience through holding various positions within the Treasurers’ Offices.

Char Conte is the most recent face in the Treasurer's office. She is responsible for semi monthly payroll processing and other related duties. She has an accounting background which brings must experience to Olmsted Falls.

All accounts payable duties are being handled by the department as a vacant Accounts Payable position remains open. 

Holly, Char and I feel it is an honor and a privilege to serve the Olmsted Falls City School District.

Emily C. Weisbarth


  • Monthly Financial Report Presented to Board of Education

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